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Tehrandaruo Pharmaceutical Company

Tehrandaruo pharmaceutical company in 1334 called Drug Mysyn lab was established in Tehran in 1337 and for the manufacture of medicinal products came into operation.Since 1363 the company name drug Tehran continues its activities.

 Production Unit : With the largest factory in the area of ​​using new devices and machines involved in production and packaging and follow all GMP standards at all levels of production, guaranteed to produce quality products and new offers. 

Research Unit : Alongside the manufacturing sector, research sector, with regard to new drugs and needed in the country and the best formulation in terms of formulation and review of old drugs, trying to improve the quality of products and monitoring them.

Quality Control Laboratory : As the executive arm of the quality management tries to considering the features of raw materials, laboratory equipment to provide appropriate and accurate. This is done in a way that fits is the world's last authentic Pharmacopoeia.

Marketing and Education Unit : With analysis of domestic and foreign markets and in terms of consumer orientation, it is identifying the strengths and weaknesses of products and provide appropriate feedback may guide other sectors.

IRAN HORMON Pharmaceutical Company

IRANHormone Pharmaceutical Factory in 1342 under the name of Iranorganoon in Tehran and was registered on 04.06.1360 with the name change of the Iranhormone activity is available.  One of the most important Iranhormone producing factories hormonal drugs such as corticosteroids, drugs affecting the thyroid gland and sex hormones, anticancer drugs and medicines are effective in infertility in the country.  IranHormone in recent years to develop its pharmaceutical activities, fast and effective steps taken, so that now the company as one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in addition to these products provide cardiovascular medications and vitamins are also known for high . 
The presence of experienced personnel and specialized machinery and equipment using advanced drug have been able, with qualitative drug supply domestic markets and also in the presence of foreign markets, including European countries to achieve great successes in thisregard been able to get a valid certification in Pharmaceutical manufacturing,they are the pride of this company.The most significant rates of Iranhormone companies there and Research Unit laboratory quality control is an innovation factory.Now a quality control laboratory plant obtained certification from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as a reference laboratory in different experiments (including raw material and products made) has been.

Afachemie pharmaceutical company
Afachemie pharmaceutical company in 1387 with the aim of producing oral and inject able antibiotics in a land area of ​​more than 7000 square meters in the vicinity of Tehran pharmaceutical company launched chemistry. The company's manufacturing space with an area of ​​solid sections totaling 6000 square meters of GMP based on principles designed and utilizes the world's most advanced manufacturing equipment and employing qualified pharmacists in a variety of management posts, manufacturing, laboratory and quality assurance, various categories of oral antibiotics penicillin and cephalosporins drug in dosage form tablets, capsules and powder for the preparation of oral Svspansyvnhay shall produce.Manufacturing sector Fa Chemical Co. parenteral antibiotics in the near future using the most advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing space built based on the principles of GMP last injection parts will be utilized. Products by companies Farmd world player, Mahya drug distribution Ferdows distributed.

Hakim pharmacetical company
Fields of activity: on the production of solids (tablets and capsules).Semi-solids (creams. ointments and gels). Liquid (syrup. dropssuspension). Effervescent tablets and suppositories are more than90 product, the company is prepared. Currently the series has ventured in new drug.

Tehranchemie Raw Materials company
Tehranchemie raw materials Company to produce pharmaceutical raw materials was established in 1381, using machinery and equipment required to measure synthesis of pharmaceutical raw materials in factory construction will Kaveh Indu strial City and in 1384 the first production of erythromycin ethyl Svskynat product (with Two grade tablets and syrup) was achieved over approximately one year of the first product produced several other items of raw materials, including one after the other tramadol hydrochloride and erythromycin base atorvastatin calcium and hasproduced and based on schedule, other products including azithromycin and clarithromycin and prednisone naproxen and the industrial production will. Tehran pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing company Chemical company seeks a great construction material production of antibiotics, including amoxicillin and Sfksym etc and ... Is that it started initial studies and future Bsyarnzdyk operations and manufacturing plant will start antibiotics.      phone number:+98 255 2342512