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Broadcast Companies List
Ferdows broadcast      

Ferdows Distribution Company in the Esfand 1355under number 18 27 920 Davchemical called Iran (Joint StockCompany) at the Companies Registration Office and industrialproperty was registered in Tehran. After the victory of Islamic Revolution, the ownership of this company in July 1359 after yearsof definitive pronouncement Hague International Court, and theCompany Disclaimer Davchemical owned Islamic Republic of Iran(under the National Industries Organization of Iran) income. With the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran and getting off thesystem generic drug plan, was prescribed the drug distribution company that managed six public health ministry to set upmonitoring Vtht be. Ferdows Distribution Company was one of sixcompanies, which started its activities officially began the second half of 1360. This company distributing medicines, medical equipment and cosmetics - health and service activities such asdrug taking application and distribution Around the country andprovide scientific guidance material and offers to its customers.The company's clients include: pharmacies, medical centers -health clinics and hospitals (public and private 
Phone number:66012695  

Hejrat broadcast

 Hejrat Broadcast in 1344 the name was registered TehranFarma Co.,  and his work with the import, sale and distribution of goods, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and health began. The company named 18 player migration to the Persian date Farvardin 1368 was changed in 1375 and became the PJS. Migration player with 730 persons having professional and experienced manpower and more than 35 thousand square meters of warehouse and distribution center and 17 160 heavy vehicles and half as heavy working day and night service pharmacies and medical centers around the country is. playback migration is proud to have business relationships with 25 domestic and 22 manufacturer and importer of drugs and medical equipment supplier nine laboratory and health, all of the major suppliers of medical goods are country, is. Number of private sector clients companies across the country is about 9,000 pharmacies, adding that public health centers and medical sciences and social security organizations that figure is more than 10,000 customers. Phone number:229220181

   Darou Gostar Nokhbegan broadcast