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Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Company (Public Joint Stock) is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development , production and marketing of generic and proprietary brandes. Tehran Chemie is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Iran and among the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East, relying on a half century experience in pharmaceutical industry . Our goal is to develop the health quality of all people around the World. Tehran chemie Pharmaceutical Co .with more than 50 years experience in the manufacturing of different dosage forms is leading to produce over 100 medications that 8 of them are exclusively produced in this company, contains, Chlorpromazine (Normazine®) tablets and injections , Trimipramine(Trimontil®) tablets , Promethazine injection,  Prilocaine-Lidocaine (Xyla – P ®) cream, Terbinafine tablets and Clarithromycin (Claricin®) suspension.


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This section included Charts related to the symptoms of common diseases. This chart will help you to find the possible cause of symptoms and provide appropriate solutions to improve your condition.

National Quality Award in the third period, holding food, medicine and health care done by the Food and Drug Department, Tehran Chemical Co. The certification effort in 90 years, double efforts and attention to the power and experience of experts managed to National Award for the quality of food, medicines and health products sector in both the reputation and reduce fat in lowering blood sugar was 91. Closing ceremony of the third national award for food quality, the twentieth of March this year with officials of the Ministry of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, National Standard, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines and other standard devices council held in IRIB International Conference Center was. And award certificates of appreciation to Mr reputation for quality doctor Tehran Chemical Ali loving CEO was granted. National Quality Award model based moving food, medicine and of health, and achieving balanced results that lead to satisfying customers, consumers, employees, suppliers and shareholders are the ones that Tehran must abide by its own chemistry knows. Undoubtedly important, but to achieve this in partnership with families in mind and every employee has provided Tehran with chemistry. That it is worthy of selfless efforts and the efforts of all staff sincerely cherished, will appreciate.